To medicate or not to medicate….


Hi everyone. I was pondering what to blog about next and then life happened and the decision was made for me!! So the topic is sore throats, because I’m now in bed with one. ? This seems to fast becoming the bain of my life. In January last year I ended up in hospital with a sore throat because my tonsil were so swollen that I couldnt drink or eat … Read More →

A day in the life of Melvin Pharmacy


Have you ever wondered what its like in your local pharmacy…..well here’s just a snippet of what happens in Melvin Pharmacy of any given day…. Its hard to predict in Garrison which day will be busy and which will be quieter. Theres definitely no set pattern, so I go to work usually expecting to be busy most days, and having the odd quiet hour here or there is a blessing, … Read More →

My first blog!!

Ok, this is my first blog….so I’m just going to keep it short and make a major announcement…………… Get ready for our pre christmas sale, because its this Friday and Saturday, 20th and 21st. And for the first time ever in a pre christmas sale,everything in the pharmacy has 20% off. So Absolute Jewellery, Christmas toiletry sets, Fragrances, Bomb Cosmetics, Rimmel, W7, SoSuMe, Tanning products…all have 20% off. Theres a … Read More →